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Dorchester County

Dorchester County

Dorchester County encompasses approximately 576 square miles to the North and West of Charleston County.  Boasting award winning state school districts, the natural beauty and community feel of Dorchester County are attracting many newcomers to the area.  Some of the communities that call Dorchester County home include North Charleston, Ridgeville, Summerville, St. George, and Harleyville as well as many others.

Joint Base Charleston, oversees 53 Department of Defense and Federal facilities and employs nearly 80,000 Active Duty Airmen, Sailors, Marines and Soldiers and government employees across all four Armed Forces as well as the US Coast Guard.  It’s not an uncommon site around the area to see a C-17 Globemaster III cruising at altitude or coming in over the beach to land at the Joint Base. The Lowcountry is proud of its military heritage and the servicemembers that call it home, even if for a short stay!

In addition to military members Dorchester County also attracts big businesses.  Boeing headquarters is home-based in North Charleston as is its 787 Dreamliner assembly plant.  The county also successfully recruited Volvo North America to call the Lowcountry home, as it opened its plant in Ridgeville in July of 2018.  Many others are looking to relocate or establish facilities in the area as well; when it comes to business, Dorchester County is BOOMING!

Like its sister counties of Berkeley and Charleston, Dorchester County boasts countless outdoor activities for visitors and residents alike.  Hiking the trails at the 70-acre Rosebrock Park of along the Edisto River.  Both self-guided and guided blue water tours for kayakers and canoers lend themselves to amazing views of the Great Cypress Swamp and Charles Town Landing.  Dorchester is no slouch for the golf enthusiast out there either, as it is home to several quality courses for every level of golfer.  

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