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We want you…the consumer…to have information with a direct feed from our Multiple Listing Service (MLS)!  Here is how it works: 

There are hundreds of MLS feeds from every locality in the United States.  All the listings within those are provided by the listing agent who keys them into the system.  So, all listings are only as good as what the agent provides.  When you see pictures that aren’t accurately representing the property, or details missing- it’s because the listing agent set it up that way in MLS.  Others look amazing for the same reason- the agent took the time to list it properly.  The “big” sites (as we will call them) that many consumers use contract with each MLS to get a direct feed from those locations around the country.  It can take just a short time or many hours before they upload to all the other sites hosting the listings.  

YOU can get the listing at the EXACT same time as it goes active in MLS as we can give YOU that direct access via your own portal!! 

Think about that….getting the information many times prior to  showing up on the “big” sites…and over 500 others that host listings! 

We just need a bit of information, and we will set up your portal with the details of your ideal property so you will get only those listings that fit your criteria.  And…you will have the ability to search in any area should you wish to explore!  To answer the original question….where is the search engine on this site? There isn’t one- your best information,  most accurate, and quickest  will come directly from the MLS to YOU!!

Next step….fill out this short form and you’ll be on your way to searching for your ideal property:

Under 90 days
About 6 months or less
Up to a year
1-2 years
Just looking to get a feel for metro Charleston